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Digital marketing as a career in India

Digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India. Until recently, many businesses did not even intend to take digital marketing seriously. They were not prepared to adopt and were stuck with traditional marketing techniques. But with the internet boom in India, things have rapidly started to change. Not only are businesses moving towards online mediums of marketing, but they are also on the lookout for people who can do it for them.

 This brings us back to the basic law of economics, supply and demand. There is a boom in the demand for digital marketing professionals, but the supply is not even close. So, skilled digital marketers will always have an upper hand until the demand is met (which is practically impossible). Hence, it is obvious that digital marketing is one of the top career options today. The rising trend of digitizing businesses has created the need for a new kind of professionals: ones well-versed in the business and art of digital marketing. These people possess the knowledge and the skills necessary to harness the power of the Internet for the purpose of creating effective digital marketing campaigns.

Here’s why you should choose a career in digital marketing

Fuels your Creativity

With the bulk of content and creative material posted online every day,  businesses looking for digital marketing professionals are in dire need of people who can think out of the box and produce innovative material in a moment’s notice. A digital marketing job is seldom boring.

A place for everyone

Digital marketing is a well-rounded industry that requires a mixture of skill sets. This makes Digital Marketing a sector that is truly inclusive of a varied range of talent and specialties.

Be a part of the digital revolution

With more and more brands looking up to the internet to propel their product into the success wave, digital marketing is officially the next big thing. With an increase in demand for digital marketing services, the opportunities are endless.

Digital Marketing is here to stay

There has never been a point where marketing or branding went out of business. As long as there are people consuming products, there will be a need for advertising and marketing. Digital Marketing has also emerged to become one of the high paying sectors of the country.

Advantages of digital marketing with us

FDMS provides with the best training to understand the concepts of Digital marketing. With the advancement of technology, digital marketing plays a vital role for companies to go global in a quick turnover. FDMS bridges the gap between the demand for digitalization in marketing and experts who make this possible. To cater to the industries of the digital age, FDMS offers comprehensive digital marketing courses including Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Analytics, and more.


Learn Practically From Industry Experts

Apart from concept-wise knowledge, we also focus on the practical part. You will learn to implement your theoretical knowledge practically, with the help of our industry expert trainers.


Project Assignment

We offer on the job practical training to our candidates. It gives them a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in live environments. Students are given lots of project-based assignments that help to clear their concepts.


Google Certification

At FDMS, we provide Google certification upon successful completion of the course. A Google certification requires no introduction, and it will help you big time during your job hunt. A certificate from Google will make you stand apart in the crowd of job seekers.


100% Job Assistance

The training program is designed in such a manner that it would make you job ready. We make sure that your concepts are crystal clear so that you can face the interview with confidence. Our industry expert trainers will share valuable interview tips that would help you crack them.


Q & A Session After Training

We follow the practice of conducting a question and answer session after each and every training class. This helps to make the training program interactive and students can ask their doubts in this Q & A session. Our experienced faculty will clear all their doubts. In this way, their concepts will become strong and lay a solid foundation.

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